A.K.A. The Diagnosis

This morning came less morning and more cave: cold. Dark. A whistling wind. A big kid slept on one side of my body, a big dog on the other. A puppy breathed such heat between my calves, they felt wet. I slept in just a bit. It was the wary sleep one might sleep inside … [Read more…]

New book & what I’ve been up to


New book, ya’ll! My first full-length collection of poems is out! It’s called Mother-Ghosts, and I’ll let my wonderful blurb and intro-writer do the work of telling you about it: Leah Sewell’s exquisite collection MOTHER-GHOSTS devastates in the way that all the best poems do–with deft beauty and haunting honesty. With fierce mother-love and the … [Read more…]

Me & Ollie & the Apple Pencil

My library purchased an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and I was able to mess around with the Sketch App and make a few doodles. This is me & Oliver. He’s so snuggly, still, even at 7 years old, but I know that’s not going to last forever. I really, really fell in love with … [Read more…]

Engrossing or just plain gross

Bartender Charmaine and unemployed Stan are a married couple living in their car following America’s economic collapse in Margaret Atwood’s long-awaited stand alone novel, The Heart Goes Last. They eke out a fitful existence marked by dumpster dives and fending off vagrants and would-be rapists. Their intermarital dealings are shot through with tension and irritability. … [Read more…]

Natalie Diaz in Topeka

Natalie Diaz is a poet whose work simply floors me. Her first book of poetry, When my Brother Was an Aztec, was released last year by Copper Canyon. I had the chance to meet Natalie last year at my first grad school residency, and to hear her read along with Jan Beatty and attend her … [Read more…]

Reading at Johnson County Public Library

Hey. If you live in the Kansas City area and want to come listen to me read for 50 WHOLE MINUTES, you’re welcome to do so. I’m reading with an old friend, M. Porubsky, at the Johnson County Public Library 7 p.m., Tuesday, June 18. Here’s a handy link for more information.