I exist!

I do exist! I’m pretty sure the last time I wrote here I was in that blissful pre-new-job mode where I believed in myself writing things in a manner befitting a person with a blog/website presence. However, that is obviously not the case any longer!

But I have lots to share re: the New Neighbor. It’s incredible. I’m telling ya, these life events are no normal life events. 

I’ve just returned from a visit up north with family, where my dad recently bought a nursery that had been at least a decade in decline before he got his green thumbs on it. It’s a beautiful place. I’ll share a few photos, then I have to go walk Toby, who’s neurotic as ever. I can feel his eyes on me. They’re slithering all over me like two globular slugs sliding against the back of my neck. “Waaalllkkk meee, humannnn.” Okay, okay. Just a minute. Who’s the boss around here, anyway? I doubt it’s me. I don’t want that job.


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