Me & Ollie & the Apple Pencil

My library purchased an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and I was able to mess around with the Sketch App and make a few doodles. This is me & Oliver. He’s so snuggly, still, even at 7 years old, but I know that’s not going to last forever.

12983917_10207761141519667_8716295308293945882_oI really, really fell in love with the Apple Pencil. It felt way more intuitive than the slippery Wacom tablet I’ve had at my desk awhile. The pencil has a nice weight to it and you can look directly at what you’re drawing instead of away from your hand, at a screen. It’s also been great for sketching out ideas for infographics or illustrations for Library News. As a note-taker, too, I can see myself taking meeting notes on this thing, with all the memory retention that comes from handwriting, but without losing my notes in piles of papers on my desk. In short, it’s fun, fun stuff. My younger self would not have believed her eyes with the kind of technological advances being made in graphic design and illustration these days. She was really impressed by Microsoft Paint.

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