I’m Leah, and I’m a storyteller. That’s a catch-all word I use because it conveniently sums up all the various ways I use art and writing in service of narrative. I could say that I love to design, to draw, to draft ideas, to craft tales, messages and brands, to take photos, and to create websites. But, in far fewer words, what I am essentially saying is: I love to tell stories.

When I was just a wee little thing, I made my mom repeat the same stories over & over. She would, on occasion, take a break from the mysterious tasks she undertook each day at our dairy farm. Breaking away from the countertops, stovetops and clotheslines I  couldn’t reach or see, she’d sigh into a chair and tell me stories about things that happened to our family, or bible stories, or whatever stories she remembered from books. I sat on the floor and drew pictures while she spoke. After Mom was done, saying, “That’s enough. Time to get back to the laundry,” I could recapture her story through my drawing. That was just the beginning.

I learned to write (and read, naturally) and then I cannonballed into the seductive waters of making up and writing my own stories. Now I had both art and writing. Combined, these two play pals were like magic glasses I wore to make the world a far more fascinating place.


Many years later, stories still have me firmly by the hand and lead me through a life I imagine is far more interesting than what “normal” people experience. 

As a freelance writer, artist, and editor, I often have the opportunity to listen to others and translate their stories into art, feature writing, advertisements, websites, and other mediums.

In all, it’s not too dissimilar from lying sprawled on the floor with a box of crayons listening to my Mom describe a scene while recording it in a colorful drawing. But nowadays I do a much better job of spreading my clients’ stories far and wide, thanks to the advent of the internet. 

Thanks to the internet, this website can be a vehicle for you and I to connect and get to work making the messages you need to share with the world. I’m Leah, and I’m your storyteller-for-hire. Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to get in touch.